Pusher/Shovel Combo-Back Saver Snow Shovel

Wholesale snow shovels


Wholesale prices for bulk purchases of plastic back saver handle and poly blade.

Back Saver Style Snow Shovels

This Economical Poly-Blade Snow Shovel is a great value for a Back-Saver! LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE


  • Non-stick High-Impact Poly Blade
  • Blade is 18″ wide and 14″ high
  • Foam Grip on handle
  • 48″ handle with ‘D’ grip

Bulk Purchase Snow Shovels for the Lowest Wholesale Prices

For retailers and organizations who need to buy in  bulk quantities.

Full pallet minimum order, 90 pieces (may be combined with other shovel styles to fill the pallet).

If you want to purchase an assortment of shovels, just phone in your order: 1-800-343-0780

Must order in groups of 90. Minimum order: 90.
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