Heavy Weight Blue Tarps, 16×20



Polyethylene blue tarp are super strong, waterproof and weather resistant.

Tarps For Sale-Lowest Prices for High Quality Blue Tarps

Blue tarps come in various qualities. Ours are among the highest quality in this class of product to meet our customers’ demands. Rustproof aluminum grommets. Sewn-in welting for extra strength at the edges. 8×10 weave. 110 grams per square meter. 

Due to hemming, blue tarps are generally 4” to 6” smaller than the sizes shown.

Buy Tarps Wholesale for the Lowest Price

We sell tarps for super-low wholesale prices. Get a discount when you buy in bulk.

Blue tarps are a long-lasting and inexpensive solution for protecting your property such as:
Bicycles, motorcycles, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks and trailers. Tarpaulins come in handy for keeping your fire wood and outdoor projects dry while in progress. Take them camping to aid in shelter or as a sleeping surface to keep you off the wet ground.

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Additional Information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 x 2 x 3.17 in


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