Property Management Supplies

Property management firms who purchase in large quantities turn to Mazer Wholesale for essential interior supplies.

Wholesale Window Coverings- Mini Blinds, Window Shades, Vertical Blinds Toilet Seats and Vinyl Flooring

wholesaler of window blinds for apartment buildings
Save money on the interior maintenance items. Check our prices and buy wholesale.

Those who manage and maintain multi-family dwellings are in a constant need of a wide range of supplies. Thanks mostly to the web, many have discovered our low pricing on window treatments, toilet seats and flooring solutions.  Our low pricing strategy is mandated by the fact that since 1986 we have mostly been in the business of supplying retailers.  As such, our pricing structure is set to be as low as possible as to give our clients the best opportunity to buy low so they can compete in the marketplace at competitive retail prices.

Typically, the property management sector pays prices which land somewhere between true wholesale and retail. Our prices are usually lower.

Peel & Stick Vinyl Flooring for Apartment Buildings

peel and stick vinyl floor tile squaresSome apartment building owners and managers have discovered our low priced peel & stick vinyl flooring.  It’s a cheap and easy solution to sheet vinyl. When vinyl sheet goods gets a tear, even the slightest tear, the whole floor needs replacement.  With peel & stick vinyl tile, any individual tile which may have been corrupted, torn or damaged in any way can be removed and replaced in minutes and for pennies. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is available in 30 patterns and many of them are neutral colors which are perfect for the apartment trade.