Garage Floor Tile-Peel & Stick-Epoxy Look

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Super easy & super cheap. A 1-day job even for an average amateur Do-It Yourselfer. This is our newest pattern called Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Garage Flooring

Many of our customers have tried painting their garage floor only to experience the ugly chipping and flaking, turn all their hard work and expense into an eye sore.

Now you can peel and stick directly onto your bare cement garage floor or previously painted surface with barely any preparation.

Salt & Pepper Epoxy Paint Look

Now you can get the epoxy paint look you want for your garage floor at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. Peel & stick tile is so easy, you can do a 2 or even a 3 car garage in one afternoon and park your car on it the next day.

Preparing Your Cement Floor for Vinyl Tile Installation

Preparation is a breeze. Fill in all cracks and holes. Because the vinyl tile is flexible, it WILL sink into any cracks or holes which may exist. You will need to fill these with floor patch or floor leveler. This comes in a ready-to-use form straight out of the can. Just as spackling compound is used for filling in imperfections in a wall prior to painting, floor patch is applied the same way using a simple putty knife. The main difference is that floor patch hardens more like cement.

After the surface is smooth, all you need to do is make it clean and dry and you’re ready to go.

Get a close look at this tile and our wholesale price at

Not only is this product affordable but you can do it all yourself in just a few hours.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been established since 1986. We started out supplying independently-owned hardware stores with all kinds of products (including floor tile) for them to resell in their stores. We have take the wholesale price model online and now we serve everyone with true wholesale pricing.

Check out all our great patters of floor tile and other home decor and remodeling items at

By the way, we LOVE customer service so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. -1-800-343-0780

Temporary Flooring Solutions

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Sometime you just need a floor for a one-time use or for a short event or display.

Vinyl Peel & Stick Floor Tile is Perfect for Temporary Use

temporary dance floor
Busy dance floor at the famous Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. 2016

Recently, the famous Coachella Music Festival of 2016 was held in Indio, California. About a month prior to the event, they gave us a call to inquire about our inexpensive self-adhesive floor tile to use on one of their many stages at the event. This is the type of scenario where the stage floor needs to be set up quickly and cheaply as possible but still have a crisp and rich look. It’s also a scenario where the floor needs to hold up to about a year’s worth of wear and traffic in a span of about 3 days.

It was great to get this memo in a short email from on of the management at Goldenvoice, the producers of Coachella:

“The flooring turned out great, we were very pleased with the product and it will definitely be used again. Thank you for all of the help!”– D. Jones Coachella/ Stagecoach Festival Operations

Because we sell the floor tile at such a cheap wholesale price, and because it requires no special talent or skills to install, it’s a practical and economical solution for a temporary floor.

Temporary Dance Floor

We have supplied this flooring to wedding parties and other private parties and one-day events many times in the past. The various pattern selection of over 30 patterns to choose from provides a shiny new surface and strikingly beautiful. Several hundred square feet can be installed in a matter of minutes. Note, however, the tile is coated on the back with a powerful adhesive. It will stick strong.

Although the tile is cheap and can be used for temporary flooring needs, it is actually made to last.

For temporary use, it will be wise to use a layer of lauan plywood first. It is a cheap, thin plywood. This is so you can just dispose of the whole floor after the event. Trying to lift the tiles after they are stuck down is a big and messy job. We don’t actually promote the tile and it’s not actually made to be temporary. This article is published merely for those who are looking for an affordable, temporary flooring solution.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been supplying this material to retailers and consumers successfully since 2001. It’s super-easy to install. All you really need is a tape measure, a straight edge and a razor knife. Simply peel off the paper backing from each tile and put one tile next to the other. Simple!

See all our great patterns of peel & stick vinyl floor tile here.

Adult Coloring Book Wholesaler

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If you’re looking for low prices small amounts or bulk wholesale purchases of these fun and therapeutic Adult Coloring Books, you’ve found the right place.

Lowest Pricing Online for Coloring Books for Adults

The minimum order to purchase at 50 % off the printed pre-price is just one box!

We currently carry 4 selections of adult colring. Each variety contains 2 styles as shown in the picture on this web page. To see the entire choice currently offered, click here.

adult coloring books
Low wholes pricing. Click the picture for more detail or to place your order.

The Wellness Advantages of Adult Coloring Activities is Clear

Coloring offers a wide range of psychological advantages for both youngsters and also grownups. Coloring has restorative properties of decreasing stress and anxiety, stimulates the brain as well as produces peace and also relaxation. Research study has shown anxiousness levels drop when adult fill in the geometric patterns. Is there someone in your life who would benefit by having a few of these books and coloring pens, markers and crayons around? Most of us do. They make a terrific gift idea.

Just like meditation, coloring enables us to calm the human brain and focus only on the moment, assisting to soothe anxiety. This kind of adult coloring activity could be particularly reliable for people who aren’t at all competent in art. Anybody could do it as well as most every person can reflect on the moments we have actually enjoyed filling in the areas in a coloring publication … at any age.

Adult Coloring Accessories-Markers, Crayons and also Coloring Pencils

There’s no need to invest a a lot of money in high-end art materials. We supply high quality markers, pencils and crayons here at Mazer Wholesale and also constantly at low wholesale rates.

See our on-line wholesale purchasing cart to discover the option of affordable:

  • Fiber-Tip Pen Sets
  • Twist Crayons
  • Coloring Pencils

All Coloring Books, Crayons and Markers at the Cheapest Wholesale Prices

All the products in this classification are available at wholesale prices even for very reduced minimum orders. We are quite enthusiastic to bring these products to the market at such low wholesale rates since our team believe the health benefits will certainly touch hundreds of people.

With this product line, we intend to get to individuals as well as

Healthcare facility Present Shops
Gift Basket Makers
Flower designers
Grocery store Shops
Variety Stores
Stationery Stores
Veterans Help Groups
Detention Centers consisting of jails as well as prisons
Detention Facility Suppliers

4×6 Clear Acrylic Photo Holders-Wholesale Prices

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Clear acrylic photo frames
Wholesale pricing for as little as 1-dozen pieces!

Acrylic photo holders are a very versatile item. These are made with one piece construction. The bend at the bottom otherwise called the foot, holds frame in its upright position. To see our wholesale pricing and place your order, CLICK HERE.

Lowest Wholesale Prices for 4 x 6 Clear Acrylic Photo Frame.

Not only are they used for holding pictures, but they are also commonly used as sign holders. They can be used at retail stores, restaurants, or any other setting where a sign is needed. They are naturally dirt and stain resistant. Just wipe them off with a soft, damp cloth or apply nonabrasive household cleaner if needed. To see our wholesale pricing and place your order, CLICK HERE.

These plastic photo or sign holders are crystal clear and the material is approximately 1/8 of an inch in thickness. Ours are made right here in the USA.

The 4×6 acrylic photo holder is sold in packs of 12. We carry them in both vertical and horizontal positions. Some people refer to the horizontal as 6 x 4.

For Wholesale Pricing on All Sizes of Acrylic Photo Frames, Sign Holders and Document Holders, CLICK HERE

Mazer wholesale has been selling these plastic picture frames since way back in the 1990s. Our primary business began as strictly a wholesaler to the retail trade. However many other businesses and groups have discovered our low wholesale prices online so we have opened up our inventory to the public. Anyone who needs as few as 1 dozen piece can now get a true wholesale price on 4 x 6 acrylic photo holders.

As with all our products we stand behind everything we sell. We guarantee these picture frames to be free of defects and 100% first quality merchandise. Mazer Wholesale is proud to have served thousands of customers over the years with this product with much success. We also carry many other sizes and we love special orders. Large quantities over 600 pieces qualify for even deeper discounts. Please call to inquire.

Clear acrylic picture holders are often used at events such as silent auctions. Group events like golf outings, Scout events, weddings, banquets, or other special occasion when groups get together to take photos or need signage for table tops, menus or directions. Each picture frame is packed in a clear poly bag to prevent scratching during shipping. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info at major or call us toll free at +1-800-343-0780. We look forward to serving you.

Click here to order acrylic photo frames online.

Review and Photo of Garage Floor Tile Installation, Peel & Stick

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There are lots of choices for covering a garage floor. There seems to be no “perfect” solution. The expensive goods have their drawbacks, the paint eventually chips.

Cheap Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tile has a Great Reputation

garage floor tile

“I love my garage tiles. We covered our ugly garage floor with the black and white checkered tiles. I even used the tiles on my doors and steps. After more than 6 months use, rain, snow etc. has not damaged the tiles and not one tile has moved. Yes, we park both vehicles in the garage and clean up is easy using a damp mop. All of our friends say it doesn’t look like a garage but a malt shop. We have used the garage for dinners, game area. Before, I was ashamed of my garage! Now I show it to everyone. I would recommend these tiles to everyone. The cost and product is great! Thanks” Debbie Heaton, Elizabethton, Tennesee

The snap-together flooring makes a lot of noise when you drive on it, they tell us. Moisture and dirt settles under it too. And who wants to take it apart to clean underneath?

Paint requires intense preparation and even the highest quality ends up chipping off and looking ragged before long.

This garage floor product costs just 80¢ per square foot and comes with a 5-year warranty!

…which is PEANUTS! It’s peel & stick so you don’t have to fool around with messy adhesive and you don’t need to hire any help. It’s a one-man job (or a one-woman job!) for an average 2-car garage and you can do it in a day!

Take a look at the pattern selection, CLICK HERE.

We have lots of photos and more volunteered by satisfied customers, CLICK HERE.

All you need for installation is a clean, smooth & dry surface, a straight edge, and a razor knife. We recommend you take some before & after pictures with your cell phone because you’re going to want to preserve show off your skills when your done (and we’re going to want to have a look too!).

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to call us: 1-800-343-0780

This tile is only 1.2mm thick but don’t let the thickness and the low price fool you. We’ve selling these goods to retailers, wholesalers, property management companies, contractors and consumers for 15 years. We have used the goods too, in our showroom, offices, and also at home.

The date stamp on this Garage floor tile installation video (April, 2011) and as of this date, January 28, 2016, each and every tile is still firmly in place.

Can you really do better than this? Plus, if any tile should need replacing any time in the future, leftover tiles from the original installation will always be available to peel, stick & replace.

Peel & stick garage floor tile is a no-brainer. Looks great. Performs great. It’s super cheap and easy to install yourself.

Garage Flooring Idea

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I installed the black and white checkerboard peel and stick floor tile in my garage in April of 2011. As of this post which is created on December 24th 2015 the floor still looks great. Every tile is still firmly in place.

Peel & Stick Garage Flooring Tile

I live in New Jersey. In New Jersey we get hot summers consistently in the 80 to 90 degree range. During heat waves it’s not uncommon to go over 100 degrees. Humidity gets very high. In winter the average temperatures are in the 30’s and 40’s. It’s not unusual for cold snaps to bring temperatures down into the single digits. My point is that the extreme temperatures have not affected the adhesion of the flooring. See our patterns and prices on garage floor tile, click here.

The video below is me explaining and talking about the floor tile installation in progress on that day in April 2011. Mine is only a one car garage 90% of the area was installed in about 2 hours. To my recollection it took about another 3 hours or maybe a little more too cut into small pieces around the outside edges around the doorways and walls. I am NOT a handyman. In fact the only reason I really install the tile on the floor in my garage is because for years prior to that installation many people asked me if the tile would work on a cement garage floor.

Garage Floor Installation Video


I do not park my car in my garage because it’s too small. My garage is just for the kids bicycles my golf clubs the trash cans and some other typical household items we need to keep in storage.

A Cheap Garage Flooring Solution You Can Do Yourself

See our patterns and prices on garage floor tile, click here.

With the manufacturer we have developed a product which is almost identical to the tile I used on my garage floor. It’s a just a little but more money but is warrantied to park a car on it. We have been selling it with much success for several years. Customers constantly send us their installation photos and success stories.

So many of our customers come because they have tried other flooring solutions in their garage such as epoxy paint or other more expensive tile products which fail to hold up or are difficult to keep clean. The appeal of the peel and stick tiles is a combination of ease of installation, the easy to keep them clean, the ability to remove and replace tiles which may become damaged or corrupt over the course of time (which seldom happens) and of course they’re very low cost.

Photos from our satisfied customers who purchased and installed our garage floor tile.

Cheap garage floor tile


ideas for black and white tile floor patterns
Photos of garage flooring installations pour in from our satisfied customers. Some get really creative.
Black & white checkerboard flooring
One of our satisfied customers sent us this photo of their museum-quality 50’s luncheonette reproduction.

Man cave ideas for garage

Clear Plastic Sign Holders-Photo Frames-Document Holders

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Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale and enjoy the convenience of delivery to your door?clear plastic sign holders

Lowest Prices on Clear Plastic Sign Holders

American-made and 100% first quality clear acrylic frames can be purchased online at pricing far below stores like Staples, Office Depot and other office and business supply retailers.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. established in 1986 primarily as a supplier for retailers makes almost all our products available to both consumers and businesses at true wholesale pricing.

Clear acrylic frames and document holders come in various shapes, sizes and functionalities.

The self-standing photo holders are ideal for table-top (or shelf-top) display. Pricing, photos and special promotions stand out neatly in these clean, low profile units. The most popular sizes are 4 x 6 , 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 8-1/2 x 11 which is the size of standard copy paper (computer printer paper).  They are available in vertical or horizontal positions.

Flat sign holders offer the lowest profile. You will often see these used in elevators, the back of doors in businesses and hotels, and on walls in various applications including restrooms. The standard stock size is 8-1/2 x 11 in both vertical and horizontal position.  They come with you choice of pre-drilled holes or screwless using double-faced mounting tape or Velcro.

We work closely and  directly with the manufacturer, we can fill orders quickly and for just about any quantity large or small. Special orders for special sizes are also possible (minimum orders may be required).

Our customers include hotels, restaurants, retailers, training facilities, groups who use them for displaying menus for silent auctions, and party planners. We even welcome consumers who want to buy as few as one dozen for their own use or small event.

All our acrylic frames are packed carefully in shipping boxes and are promised to be first quality and free from breakage upon delivery. Should any products arrive damaged or otherwise inferior in any way, we will replace them.  Mazer Wholesale stands behind all items we sell. We have been a trusted source of goods for retailers, wholesalers and other businesses since 1986.  We feel honored to be given the opportunity to serve you.  We’re a little old fashioned that way…and we hope it shows.

For the best in pricing and service, buy your acrylic frames from Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

Place your order either online or by phone.  We love talking to customers, answering your questions and helping you solve problems.

Clear Contractor Bags-Wholesaler

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3 reasons why contractors use clear contractor bags. (See our entire like of heavy duty trash bags…click here)

Choose clear contractor bags when you want a large and very strong trash bag. Clear contractor bags are generally stronger and more expensive than black bags. Time is money and business

Clear contractors trash bags-wholesale prices
Super strong, clear bags save you money. Buy wholesale and save!

owners invest in heavy duty trash bags to reduce the chances of breaking bags.

Clear Contractor Bags are Stronger and More Flexible

  1. Clear contractor bags are stronger because they have to be made from virgin materials. Black bags can use a certain amount of recycled plastic in the manufacturing process. This is known as regrind. Recycled plastic is simply not as strong as virgin plastic. Recycled plastic cannot be used for clear bags because recycled plastic is not clear therefore cannot be used to make clear plastic bags. Because only virgin material can be used to make clear contractor bags they are naturally stronger. Even though they are the same thickness and weight. The virgin material of the clear contractor bag is stronger and more flexible.
  2. Another reason contractors use clear bags is to keep an eye on what is actually being thrown away. Unfortunately and as we all know when we have more people on the job there is more opportunity for taking shortcuts and especially for theft. Business owners cannot afford to have their tools stolen. Some workers tend to hide tools in black bags and then come back to the work site in the evening to salvage the tools they have hidden in the trash. Owners or foreman on the job can see through the clear bags to make sure they are not being ripped off by employee theft. And finally owners don’t want their employees stealing from the job site. Stealing from their clients would be a disaster. Just as employees can steal tools from the contractor they can also steal from the property where they are working. These are of course in the residences or businesses and we don’t need the headache or reputation of having missing goods from our clients properties.
  3. And finally some municipalities require clear contractor bags to make sure that recyclable material is not being thrown out with the regular trash. Municipalities which require clear bags will also dish out fines for not recycling properly. And in some municipalities, black bags simply will not be picked up.

For these reasons many smart contractors choose to pay a little bit more and use clear contractor bags on the job.

Buy Clear Contractor Bags at Wholesale Prices.

3mil, 42-gallon contractor bags can be purchased at wholesale prices one pallet at a time with our factory-direct deal. Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has a special relationship with a major American bag manufacturer so now businesses can purchase these super-strong contractor bags at a very low wholesale price.

Contractors Trash Bags- New Lay-Flat Detached from Roll

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Mazer Wholesale is always finding innovative ways to bring the lowest prices on the things businesses need, use and sell. In partnership with our trash bag factory, we have recently retooled some machinery to bring the disaster restoration industry, and the maintenance and janitorial industries a new item which will save time and money.

Heavy Duty Contractor Bags in New Lay-Flat Pack

wholesale contractor bags
Click here for wholesale pricing and to place your order.

The Lay-Flat Pack has been developed because we know time is money.  Now, you can order the lay-flat pack so you no longer need to pull bags from a roll to find the seam and tear bags off one-by-one.  Order a pallet of the lay-flat contractor bags here.

Although tearing bags off a roll doesn’t take a long time, like pennies, second add up.  When you save pennies on the contractor bags you use every day in your business, those pennies add up. Most of our customers save an average of at least 13¢ per bag. When they buy a pallet of 2880 bags, they’re saving an an incredible $374.40 over their previous supplier.  That’s HUGE.

Even further, if they were picking their bags up from their former supplier, they were spending time. Time getting there, coming back, loading them into their vehicle and then unloading.  This is time they were either spending on personnel or their own time…away from the office or away from their family (or the golf course!).

The extra seconds that’ll be saved by using the lay-flat pack will add up too. It may take more than 10 seconds to peel a contractor bag off the roll.  If that’s true, then the flat pack will save 480 minutes per pallet (2880 bags x 10 seconds=28,800 seconds).  That adds up to a full-day’s work!

The Same Low Wholesale Price as our Regular Contractor Bags

We have teamed up with the factory to produce the lay-flat bags at the same low wholesale price as our rolled bags. You pay nothing more of the convenience and time-saving of the flat pack.  We will continue to find ways to save our customers money with low wholesale pricing and smart ways to save time, both of which create great value.

Servpro Contractor Bag Special

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Reserve your FREE GLOVES now to be delivered when you’re ready to place your order for a pallet of contractor bags. 

best prices on heavy duty contractor bags

Servpro: Claim your FREE Heavy Duty Leather Palm Work Gloves now.

Order a pallet of contractor bags to be delivered any time between now and October 31st, 2015.

42-Gallon, 3mil Contractor Bags, made in USA

20-Count Box only $8.20.  144 box minimum FREE DELIVERY

Save money by buying your contractor bags cheaper.

Save time running to the store to buy bags as you need them.

Save $100’s of dollars every time you buy a pallet of bags.

See our other heavy duty trash bags, click here.

See our janitorial supplies, click here.