Adult Coloring Books, Cheap!

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adult coloring books ASST

If you’re looking for a good deal on adult coloring books, Mazer Wholesale is where you can find them cheap.

Bulk Sales, Our Specialty

We supply adult coloring books in bulk to

  • Retailers
  • Hospital Gift Stores
  • Fund Raisers
  • Charitable Organization

Adult coloring books come 2 themes per case.

There are 48 books per case. Each books has 32-pages.

We generally have 4 different random assortments.

The minimum order is 5 cases (240 books) and the price is $1.45 each.

Coloring Pencils and Crayons are also available at wholesale prices.

2″ Vinyl Blinds, Classic Venetian Blind Look

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Old fashioned Venetian Blinds have come full-circle and beyond. Introducing VINYL PLUS, the window blind that looks like traditional Venetian Blinds your great grandparents used but blend glamorously into any decor.

2" Vinyl Blind
High quality, elegant, room darkening, wholesale price.

Features of the Vinyl Plus Venetian Blinds:

  • Room Darkening-keeps rooms dark when you want them dark.
  • Extruded PVC slats are static-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Cordless design to meet modern safety standards.
  • Heavy Duty steel head rail and bottom rail.
  • Painted steel mounting brackets.
  • Matching valence and tilt wand.

Low Cost Room Darkener Window Blinds

Understated, classy, and clean, compare the Vinyl Plus 2″ Room Darkening Blind against higher priced Faux Wood Blinds.

Whether you’re shopping for your home, investment property, or for a multi-unit apartment building you own or manage, consider the Vinyl Plus 2″ as a classy alternative to the 1″ mini blind or 2″ faux.

A Huge Selection of Sizes of 2″ Venetian Blinds

The 2″ Vinyl Plus room darkening blinds are available in white and in sizes from 23″ wide to 72″ wide and in lengths between 36″ to 84″. Check them out here:

Vinyl window blinds at wholesale prices-these are 2″ Room darkener vinyl Venetian blinds. We have huge selection of stock blinds ready to ship quickly.

Cheap Window Treatments That Are Beautiful and Safe

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Mazer Wholesale is on the leading edge of the mandatory transition from traditional window blinds to cordless. As always, lowest pricing for the best quality product in its class drives our philosophy as a supplier to the property management and retail trades.

Keeping Kids Safe –
New Window Treatments Law

Cordless window treatments at cheap prices

As of December 18, 2018, all stock* window coverings sold or manufactured in the United States or Canada are required by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards to be either cordless, have shortened cords, or cords that are inaccessible to children. The goal of the new regulation is to protect children from accidental strangulation.

People who are elderly, smaller in stature, and the disabled will still be able to buy the traditional types of corded window coverings, but these will also have some restrictions to protect small children. For example, the new standards limit cords to 40 percent of the height of the blind and ask manufacturers to have the default blind mechanism be a tilt wand as opposed to a cord. There also will be a pictorial to show consumers that blind cords can accidentally cause the strangulation of small children.

Mazer Wholesale has been supplying window blinds, traditional roller shades, vinyl flooring, and hardware to retailers, property investors, and property management companies spanning 4 decades. We provide quality products at low prices.

Window Blinds

In terms of window blinds, we carry a room-darkening mini-blind made from heavyweight, one inch PVC slats that resists chipping, denting, peeling, and fading and comes in a variety of window sizes. The room-darkening blind has overlapping slats for a tighter light closure. Installation is easy and can be inside or outside.

We also carry a vinyl window blind with ¼ inch oval slats that is easy to clean and install. It can be installed inside or outside.

Window Shades

If you are interested in shades, we carry honeycomb pattern, pleated cellular shades that help to offer insulation and light-filtering. These shades resist sagging and fading. We also carry a room darkening, peel and stick, pleated vinyl shade that is easy to clean and has a durable PVC bottom rail.

We also sell a white 30-inch roll-up shade and translucent window shades in a variety of colors. These are highly economical window treatments.

Vinyl Flooring

Our vinyl flooring offerings include 1.2 mm thick self-adhesive vinyl flooring that carries a 5-year guarantee. These tiles come in a variety of attractive colors and styles to fit any decor, such as wood and marble styles as well as simple black and white offerings.

We also have commercial-grade, easy maintenance, no wax, vinyl wood-look plank flooring that has a 10-year warranty. These tiles are self-adhesive and are 2 mm thick. Each box covers 15 square feet. Shipping is FREE!


Our hardware items include a wide variety of tools, janitorial supplies, locks, smoke detectors, safety goggles, gloves, curtain rods, winter seasonal items, trash bags, plastic sheeting and drop cloths, and filter masks.

Why Mazer Wholesale?

Mazer Wholesale has a 40-year history and a deep commitment to supplying the property management and retail industries with best quality in class products at low wholesale prices.  Let MAZER WHOLESALE be your supplier for all of your general merchandise needs!


*“Stock” means window coverings that are not custom made.

How to Remove Peel & Stick Floor Tile

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Watch a 5-minute video describing the process of removing peel and stick tile from your floor.

More videos featuring floor tile installation and preparation advice are on this website, our YouTube Channel on Facebook , and on Pinterest.

No special skills required.

This is a frequently-asked question we get from prospective customers and those researching the subject.

The adhesive on self adhesive flooring (well, at least the brand we sell) is very strong. Tiles can easily be repositioned if you don’t set them perfectly the first time. Within minutes, the adhesive grabs the surface and the bond gets stronger as the adhesive cures over the next several days.

The tile I removed in this video was installed in April, 2011 (and you can see the video n our YouTube Channel of this installation). All the tiles from the original installation are still firmly in place.

Benefits of Peel & Stick Floor Tile

One of the great benefits of self-sticking tile is that if a tile becomes damaged for any reason, such as the moving of furniture, or dropping something sharp or heavy, the tile can be removed and replaced. We always recommend our customers to order enough to have left over material. An extra box of tile is like a cheap “insurance policy.” With it,  you can keep your floor looking great almost indefinitely.

Removing Tile From My Garage Floor

In this video, I removed a single tile from my garage floor with ease using a heat gun designed to remove paint. I purchased this for about $20 from a hardware store. The only other tool needed was a 3″ putty knife/scraper. Almost zero pressure was needed once the heat was applied. After the tile was about half way removed the remainder peeled of easily and the tile ultimately came up in one piece with no additional effort needed. I replaced the tile with a new one.

You can find other helpful floor tile preparation videos, installation videos, and tips on your favorite channels:  YouTube Channel on Facebook , and on Pinterest.

You are obviously invited to subscribe to our channel. When on YouTube, Click the Bell near the Subscribe button to be notified when we post new videos.

Industrial Rubber Work Gloves

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In keeping with our initiative to expand our product selection for the Restoration Contractors, Junk Removal Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Plumbing Contractors (and any other service business or public works department, needing supplies), we’re expanding our selection of work gloves. In this post, we’re introducing:

Long Cuff Rubber Work Gloves Wholesale Prices

First, these 14″ (elbow length), extra thick, rubber gloves.

Industrial Rubber Work Gloves-Wholesale
High quality work gloves you can buy wholesale. Click here for pricing or to place your order. 

These heavy duty gloves are 30mil thick. The rough outer coating provides good grip. The elbow length sleeve provides protection up to the elbow. The cuffs are rolled at the end which helps to make the gloves bother easier to put on and take off, as well as dry. Learn more, CLICK HERE.

Next, we have these

Extra Long Industrial Rubber Work Gloves

Extra Long Industrial Rubber Work Glove-Wholesale
Minimum order for this item is 10 pair. Buy in bulk and save money. Click Here to see our entire selection of Wholesale Work Gloves.

These heavy duty gloves are 18″ in length which passes the elbow of most adults. These also have a rough  outer coating for good gripping power. Although they’re slightly thinner than our 14″ gloves, at 25mil thickness, these are still plenty heavy duty for the job.

The 18″ heavy duty rubber gloves also have the rolled cuff. Learn more, CLICK HERE.

Bulk Pricing on Heavy Duty Industrial Work Gloves

The 14″ glove is sold in packs of 12 and the 18″ glove is sold in packs of 10. A 10% discount is available for buying in full-case quantities. The full case quantity on the 14″ glove is 72 and the full case quantity for the 18″ glove is 60.

See our full selection of Work Gloves and other Protective Gear, CLICK HERE. 

Your feedback and SPECIAL REQUESTS are welcome!

How to Tighten a Window Shade Spring

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I’ve been seeing lots of terrible reviews about traditional window shades (particularly on Amazon). The main complaint is the spring which controls how the shade is set into the desired position-then raising and lowering it as needed. However, the problem is not the spring but rather the fact that the user doesn’t know how to adjust the spring.

How to Install a Window Shade for Proper Operation

The shade is not the problem. The spring is not the problem. The spring must be adjusted with the necessary tension in order to work properly. Watch this video to learn:

How to add tension to your window shade spring.


Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been selling window shades and blinds for 30 years at wholesale prices. Here is a direct link to our window shade category

Here is a link to our entire window treatments category

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

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wholesale window shades-cheap shades

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

New protocols in schools of all kinds are now requiring (or will soon be) a shade to cover the window in classroom doors.

School Shootings Stimulate the Necessity to Cover Door Windows in Active Shooting Situations

School shooting tragedies have necessitated the need for new safety and security measures to be taken in schools. Added to Fire Drills, now schools are having Active-Shooter Drills necessitated by the increasing incidence of shootings and threats.

As a precaution, window treatments are being added to the window built into or on the side of classroom doors. These window treatments are to be drawn and doors locked in the case of a drill or active threat so that shooters can’t see any visible targets.

Mazer Wholesale is able to provide large quantities of window shades or blinds due to our typical large on-hand inventory quantities and low wholesale pricing.

Vinyl Window Shades

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

Window shades come in various sizes, weights, and colors. Standard widths at 37-1/4″, 46-1/4″, 55-1/4″, and 73-1/4″. For doors, our 37-1/4″ wide shades can be cut to as narrow as 18″. The standard length of vinyl window shades is 72″ and they can be rolled incrementally to stop or roll all the way up.

The most common colors are white and ivory. Black shades are quite popular, too (black is only available in the 37-1/4″ size).

Mazer Wholesale supplies retailers, housing authorities, landlords, property management companies, schools, and any other organization who needs wholesale quantities of window treatments including window shades, blinds, or curtain rods.

Don’t Overpay for Window Shades for School Lock-Down

Your school or school system may need hundreds or even thousands of window shades to cover the window in classroom doors. This is going to take a bite out of your budget! In a recent article on the subject of protocols for protecting students and teachers in the case of an active shooter alert a company is bragging about a black cloth which drops down over the door’s window to block all visibility to the inside of the classroom…at a cost of over $20.00.

Is this really necessary? A cheap vinyl shade or blind will generally run approximately 1/2 that price and serve the same purpose.

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

shades for school classroom

See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

How to Measure A Window For New Mini Blinds

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How to choose the right size mini blinds

This post is to explain how to determine which size mini blinds to purchase for your windows. All mini blinds are not necessarily exactly the same. However, these instruction should cover most of the cheaper vinyl mini blinds made today and for the past 35+ years.

See Video Below but Read The Whole Article Too!

How to Select the Right Size Vinyl Mini Blind

We sell a cheap vinyl mini blind by the brand name of Morningstar and most other brands in this category of inexpensive blind will probably install the exact same way. (However, if you don’t buy from us, you’ll probably pay more…just sayin’.) Brackets, screws, and directions are always included.

This article provides information to consider for deciding how you will mount your blinds. This will help you to determine which size blinds to purchase.

There are basically 3 ways to mount a mini blind: 1) Inside Mount, 2) Inside Top Mount, 3) Outside Mount

How to Measure Your Window for Inside Mounting Mini Blinds So You Can Choose the Right Size

The image above demonstrates how a bracket will typically be mounted for an inside mount.

You should measure the distance between the inside of the window at the top and also at the bottom. Ideally, they should measure the same at the top and at the bottom, but just in case they don’t you want to use the smaller measurement as the basis for the size.

The blinds will fit 1/2″ wider and 3/8″ smaller than stated size. The head rail will measure 1/2″ less than stated size.

The above is what is printed on the packaging but even this can be a little confusing. Here’s a good example of how to understand this:

If your window opening measures 29-1/2″ wide, you should choose a 30″ wide blind because the blind will fit a window up to 1/2 wider. The head rail of a 30″ blind measures 29-1/2″.

If the opening measures 29-3/8″ down to 28-1/2″, you should use a 29″ blind. The head rail of a 29″ blind measures 28-1/2″. The depth of the brackets allow the head rail to float inside the bracket allowing for a natural-looking installation, eliminating the need for perfect precision.

Top Mounting Mini Blinds

A top-mount means you mount the mini blind brackets to the top of the window opening. This is also a version of inside mounting.

There are a couple of reasons you may want or need to use this top-mount method.

  1. In circumstances where you have a problem with molding interfering with your access to a flat, level surface.
  2. In circumstances where you must use a blind which is narrower than the window opening.

In the latter situation, the freedom to mount the brackets closer together will relieve you of the problem of the head rail not reaching the cavity of both brackets. Simply install the brackets equally distant from the their respective side of the window opening. Mounting the brackets 1/8″, 3/16″ or 1/4″ from each side will very likely be unnoticeable

Outside Mounting Mini Blinds

Outside mounting mini blinds is necessary where there the window is not recessed into the wall. There IS no “inside” available.

Mini blind brackets can be mounted onto the wood molding surrounding the window, over top of the window or outside of the molding altogether.

Getting the perfect size is not as crucial for outside mounting. In fact, some people choose to use one wider blind to cover multiple windows. Likewise, it’s also sometimes practical to use two blinds to cover a single extra-wide window.



Garage Floor Tile-Peel & Stick-Epoxy Look

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Super easy & super cheap. A 1-day job even for an average amateur Do-It Yourselfer. This is our newest pattern called Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Garage Flooring

Many of our customers have tried painting their garage floor only to experience the ugly chipping and flaking, turn all their hard work and expense into an eyesore.

Now you can peel and stick directly onto your bare cement garage floor or previously painted surface with barely any preparation.

Salt & Pepper Epoxy Paint Look

Now you can get the epoxy paint look you want for your garage floor at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. Peel & stick tile is so easy, you can do a 2 or even a 3 car garage in one afternoon and park your car on it the next day.

Preparing Your Cement Floor for Vinyl Tile Installation

Preparation is a breeze. Fill in all cracks and holes. Because the vinyl tile is flexible, it WILL sink into any cracks or holes which may exist. You will need to fill these with floor patch or floor leveler. This comes in a ready-to-use form straight out of the can. Just as spackling compound is used for filling in imperfections in a wall prior to painting, floor patch is applied the same way using a simple putty knife. The main difference is that the floor patch hardens more like cement.

After the surface is smooth, all you need to do is make it clean and dry and you’re ready to go.

Get a close look at this tile and our wholesale price at

Not only is this product affordable but you can do it all yourself in just a few hours.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been established since 1986. We started out supplying independently-owned hardware stores with all kinds of products (including floor tile) for them to resell in their stores. We have take the wholesale price model online and now we serve everyone with true wholesale pricing.

Check out all our great patters of floor tile and other home decor and remodeling items at

By the way, we LOVE customer service so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. -1-800-343-0780

Temporary Flooring Solutions

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Sometimes you just need a floor for a one-time use or for a short event or display.

Vinyl Peel & Stick Floor Tile is Perfect for Temporary Use

temporary dance floor
Busy dance floor at the famous Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. 2016

Recently, the famous Coachella Music Festival of 2016 was held in Indio, California. About a month prior to the event, they gave us a call to inquire about our inexpensive self-adhesive floor tile to use on one of their many stages at the event. This is the type of scenario where the stage floor needs to be set up quickly and cheaply as possible but still have a crisp and rich look. It’s also a scenario where the floor needs to hold up to about a year’s worth of wear and traffic in a span of about 3 days.

It was great to get this memo in a short email from one of the management at Goldenvoice, the producers of Coachella:

“The flooring turned out great, we were very pleased with the product and it will definitely be used again. Thank you for all of the help!”
– D. Jones, Coachella/ Stagecoach Festival Operations

Because we sell the floor tile at such a cheap wholesale price, and because it requires no special talent or skills to install, it’s a practical and economical solution for a temporary floor.

Temporary Dance Floor

We have supplied this flooring to wedding parties and other private parties and one-day events many times in the past. The various pattern selection of over 30 patterns to choose from provides a shiny new surface and strikingly beautiful. Several hundred square feet can be installed in a matter of minutes. Note, however, the tile is coated on the back with a powerful adhesive. It will stick strong.

Although the tile is cheap and can be used for temporary flooring needs, it is actually made to last.

For temporary use, it will be wise to use a layer of lauan plywood first. It is a cheap, thin plywood. This is so you can just dispose of the whole floor after the event. Trying to lift the tiles after they are stuck down is a big and messy job. We don’t actually promote the tile and it’s not actually made to be temporary. This article is published merely for those who are looking for an affordable, temporary flooring solution.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been supplying this material to retailers and consumers successfully since 2001. It’s super-easy to install. All you really need is a tape measure, a straight edge and a razor knife. Simply peel off the paper backing from each tile and put one tile next to the other. Simple!

See all our great patterns of peel & stick vinyl floor tile here.