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Best Pricing on 42-Gallon Contractors Trash Bags

Large Variety of Contractor Trash Bags at Wholesale Prices

We know why you shop online. To save money. That’s why we sell everything at true wholesale prices.

We don’t ask “How much money can we make on this item?  We ask, “How cheap can we sell this item?”wholesale contractor bags

The Lowest Pricing On Heavy Duty 42-Gallon, 3mil Contractor Bags.

Made in USA!

Who looks online to shop for contractor bags? High-volume users looking for a way to save money. You found us.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been serving the hardware retail industry, maintenance & janitorial industry and the building & restoration contractor industries since 1986. Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and master distributors provide us with the ability to bring you money-saving prices so YOU can be as profitable as you can be.

Pennies add up quickly on high-volume purchasing. Take the contractor bags, for example:

Our heavy duty trash bags are packed 20 bags per box. There are 144 boxes on a pallet. Last I checked, Home Depot and Lowe’s sell comparable bags for about 56¢ per bag. Ours are (as of the date of this page is made [2/2/16]) 41¢ per bag INCLUDING delivery (when you buy a pallet).

There are a total of 2880 bags on a pallet-worth of our contractor bags. If you save 15¢ per bag, you’re saving $432.00 every time you buy a pallet of our bags. Consider also the time and fuel you waste if you or your employees have to go to the store to buy bags.

The savings of buying contractor bags wholesale is significant when you buy wholesale.

Yes…we’re bragging now! So while we’re bragging, might as well reiterate the fact that our 3mil contractors trash bags are packed 20 per box. Our customers find this very convenient because they’re not clumsy or heavy like the big boxes. They don’t take up a lot of space in your trucks and you can monitor waste more easily. All these things add up to a bunch of good reasons to turn to Mazer Wholesale when you’re looking for a new source for the contractor bags you use in your business every day.

Whether you go through a pallet per month or a pallet per year, it just makes good economic sense to buy your contractor bags as cheaply as possible. The savings in both money and time are significant.

A pallet of contractor bags weighs 900 lbs. but each individual box only weighs about 6 lbs. so they’re easy to handle, stack and store. If a pallet is still too much quantity, you can also buy 1/2 pallet of contractor trash bags. It’s only a few pennies more per bag when you purchase 1/2 pallet but it’s still most likely a savings for you.