Floor Tile Demonstration Videos

Demonstrating cheap peel and stick floor tile installed on an old wood floor in our old showroom at our warehouse in West Philadelphia.

Video Demonstrates Installation of Vinyl Tile on Wood Floor

This floor was previously carpeted.  The carpet was glued to the wood. The dried adhesive was rock-solid and created an severely uneven surface.  Even though it’s not recommended to install on a surface in this condition, the tile applied just fine and the installation was a success.

Video Demonstrates Installation of Black & White Checkerboard Tile on Cement Garage Floor

This was the first tile floor I have personally ever installed. I’m the owner of the company but not much of a handyman.  The only reason I decided to tile my garage floor was because so many people asked me if it would work.  Since I could not give them a true answer from personal experience, I decided to tile my own garage floor.  This video was made in April, 2011. This web page is made February, 2015.  Each tile is still firmly in place.  Today, it is 10°F in New Jersey, where I live.  In summer, we have days which reach 100°+ with intense humidity. These extreme temperatures have had no affect on the tile.  I will be making another video in spring to show you how good the tile in my garage still looks! Meanwhile check with me any time.

Vinyl Peel and Stick Floor Plank Video Demonstration

After my basement getting flooded in Hurricane Irene in 2012, we pulled up the carpet and discovered asbestos tile. Although it is not recommended, I installed the self-adhesive vinyl floor planks right over top. I wasn’t about to mess with the health risk or expense of having those asbestos tile removed. The plank flooring is a little thicker than the 12 x 12 squares and looks like real wood. I’m very happy with it and we ship it to customers all over the country.