Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile 12x12

Don't let the low price fool you. We really DO sell wholesale!
Over 30 beautiful patterns to choose from at only 38 cents per sq. ft.
Our 12"x12" tile is packed 20 squares per box, 
1.2mm thick, 5-year Limited Warranty
Peel and stick floor tile, cheap vinyl tile
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Installation Instructions Below

"Tile came out great. This is my second tile project with this tile. Nothing else needs tile, but I'm looking for a reason to do it again".-Gerald Irvin, Newport News, VA (see photo below)

We used the tile to make a dance floor for our daughters birthday party.  It worked out great. 
Brad & Jenn Griffeth

Very satisfied with the vinyl tile I purchased from you. Delivery time was awesome. Easy installation.  Looks like a showroom. Thanks again. Joseph Moore, US Airforce

Would definitely purchase from Mazer Wholesale again in the future.  A representative from the company called me direct after I made my online purchase just to confirm the amount of tile since I changed the quantity at one point.  It arrived quickly and installation was pretty easy.  The quality of the tile was so good it even fooled a couple people who looked at it.  They thought it was a single sheet of vinyl floor. – Kevin M., Binghamton, NY.

LOVE IT!!!!!! Roxanna Blevins

Excellent service.Love the quality.Very easy to install.Beautiful.Annette S.Frederick,Maryland.

The tile arrived on time.  It's a great quality and price and looks just fabulous.  I'm not handy at all and it was simple to install.  Highly recommend Mazer Wholesale!
-Christine E , Providence, RI. 

Just to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate how much you have helped us and if you ever make a commercial we will be in it. The Smiths

Everybody who sees the tiles I installed in the basement is really

Submitted by a happy customer,
Gerald Irvin of Newport New, VA.


IMPORTANT:  Before installing the tiles, store them at room temperature for at least one day.


ALL floor surfaces MUST be dry, clean, smooth and level.

CEMENT:  Fill in all cracks and holes with a suitable latex filler.

WOOD:  Make sure all planks are securely nailed down. Counter-sink nail heads, and cover

with latex filler. The surface must be completely clean and free of paint, varnish or wax.


RESILIENT VINYL:  Remove all dirt, grease or wax build up.


DO NOT install tiles over cushioned vinyl rubber flooring. Remove flooring or cover with plywood. If installing plywood, remember to countersink the nails and cover the holes with filler.




Any floor exposed to excessively hot or cold temperatures.

Any floor exposed to excessive moisture.

Radiant heated floors.

Particle board.



You must determine the center point of your room. Measure the center points of opposite walls and secure a chalk line from one to the other. Snap the line. Repeat the process with the other set of opposite walls. The point at which the chalk lines intersect is the room's center.



Wherever tiles are marked with arrows in the back, install them so that all arrows point in the same direction. Starting at the center point, peel off the protective paper and carefully align the tie with the chalk line markings. Press down firmly.  (Caution: the tile's protective paper covering is very slippery. To avoid accidents, do not leave the paper on the floor after you've peeled it from the tile.)

Moving along the chalk line, butt each tile squarely and as tightly as possible. Without going directly against the wall initially, form an "L" shape. Cover a quarter of the surface at a time. Do not install tiles to the edges of the room until the main floor area has been covered.



Tiles should be cut with a straight edge and utility knife.  (Do not cut over newly installed tiles as the blade may damage the new tiles.) Cut edges should face the wall. If possible, slide cut edges under wall molding.


To fit tiles around irregularly shaped objects, make a pattern of the exposed area with a sheet of paper. Use the paper cut-out as a template. Placing the paper cut-out on the front side of the tile, trace the contours of the paper onto the tile. Cut around the marked contours.




While Nexus Collection floors require minimum maintenance, please follow the guidelines:


.Sweep, damp mop, or vacuum regularly.

.Avoid abrasive cleaners.

.Use furniture leg coasters.

.Occasionally use an appropriate vinyl tile cleaner.

.DO NOT WAX. This will make the floor's surface too slippery and may cause accidents.




The manufacturer warranties Nexus Collection to the original purchaser for a period of five years against manufacturing defects, when installed according to instructions. The manufacturer will repair or replace material of similar quality as the defective material. This warranty covers only new material purchased from an authorized dealer. Proof of purchase will be required. This warranty does not apply to damage from stiletto heels, tar, wood stain, water accumulation, neglect, abuse, improper installation or maintenance, any usage other than residential interiors. The manufacturer's compensation does not in any circumstance exceed the purchase price of the product.


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Frequently-Asked Questions About Our Tile       1-800-343-0780

Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping is based on weight of shipment and distance. Since every order is different, we invite you to phone us Toll-Free 1-800-343-0780 or email for a shipping quote. We will need the quantity of tile you want to order and your zip code.  

Q. Should I use extra adhesive?
A. NO!!!! The adhesive on our tile is excellent. As long as the surface you're installing on is clean, smooth and dry, you will have no problems. The use of any extra adhesive will void the warranty.

Q. Why is your price so cheap? Are these tiles inferior or closeouts?
A. We really DO sell wholesale. That's why our prices are so much cheaper than just about anyone else online. Our main business since 1986 has been service to retailers. Our prices have to be low in order for retailers to make a profit. 

Q. Are the tiles perfectly smooth and do they have a glossy finish?
A. All our patterns have a slight texture. The texture is very subtle and is barely visible. All the tile has a glossy finish.

Q. Can I use the tile in my garage? Can I drive the car on it?
A. The tile CAN be used in the garage OR BASEMENT. The cement surface is no problem. Again, clean, smooth and dry is the key to good results. The tile is made and rated for typical interior residential traffic. It's not recommended nor warranteed to drive on. However, we've had many, many customers over the years who have used it for that purpose without complaint. 

Q. What happens if the tile gets wet?
A. Mop it up just as you would any time your floor gets wet. Water shouldn't stand on the tile for extended periods. Just treat it like any other floor in your home. Kitchens, problem!

Q. Some glue got on the surface of the tile while I was installing it. How can I get it off?
A. Acetone or nail polish remover. Just little bit.

Q. Do you  send samples?
A. Sorry, we don't have open boxes of tile from which we can send samples.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?
A. Shipments are processed 24-48 hours after final order confirmation. We ship tile from our New Jersey warehouse. Standard ground transportation is usually 1-5 days depending on your distance from New Jersey.

Q. What if I live in a hot (or cold) climate? Will the tile stick?
A. The floor to be covered should be between 60-78 degrees at time of installation. After the tile is installed, the adhesive sets and we have never seen any affect on the tile at extreme temperatures. 

Q. Some of the tile was cracked or chipped when I received it. What do I do about it?
A. This can happen if the cartons are dropped on edge. If this occurred during delivery, we can usually get restitution from the carrier if a claim for damage is made within 24 hours of delivery. We will then replace the damaged goods promptly.  We can not permit claims for shortage or damage which are made after 24 hours of receipt of goods. 
A message about NOT using extra adhesive...DON'T!
Demonstrating installation of tile in our showroom.
Installing tile on garage floor. Black and white checker board pattern.

Shipping Time. When to expect your shipment: 
Most orders in this category are shipped the same or the next day depending on the time of day your order is placed. This is NOT a guarantee but this IS our normal operating procedure.  Time in transit depends mostly on distance.  In general, most orders are delivered within 2-7 days.  We will always choose the most economical and practical shipping method.

"I ordered tile on Monday, it arrived by Friday and my husband and I installed it today. We love it! Thank you for the great service and awesome savings. I'm a life long customer".- Jen Weddington

"Received my tile quicker then expected...was so easy to install, took me 2 evenings after work. Great service and quick response with answers to my questions. I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends. Thanks again."- Carol Ann Lombardo

"Mazer gave us a much better deal than anyone else was willing to, plus gave us top-notch service. They'll have my business from now on!"-Michael Lamons